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The beginning of last week was marked by a sad event - on April 16, a fire broke out in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. Like other monuments of architecture, the cathedral was restored, tried not to be destroyed during the wars, but because of the fatal accident, France and the whole world lost a significant part of this beautiful building.

The fire began in the wooden interior floors, and therefore it was not visible from the outside for a long time. The firefighters who arrived at the scene had to, like surgeons, extinguish the building and at the same time try not to damage what was left of it. So we had to abandon the fire aviation, because with this method of extinguishing the building could suffer. The firefighters were forced to wait when the fire was localized and in parallel to cool the surviving parts of the cathedral so that the fire did not spread to them. As a result of all this, all of this becomes clear that such incidents are better warned in advance, which means such fragile and valuable buildings need a monitoring system.

The problem of preserving the monuments of world architecture is relevant for any country seeking to preserve cultural heritage. A good example in Russia is the State Bolshoi Theater, equipped during the restoration with automated fire protection and monitoring systems. I want to believe that this is not one of the few cases, but the beginning of the trend towards high-quality protection of culturally significant objects. One way or another, France most likely drew its conclusions, and the rest of the countries should learn from the mistakes of others.