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Day of the 154th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin

On April 22, 1870, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was born - the creator of the first socialist state of workers and peasants in world history - the USSR, in which:

1) social inequality was destroyed;
2) people of different nationalities lived as one brotherly family;
3) all natural resources - land and subsoil, forests and waters - have become public property;
4) plants and factories passed into the hands of the workers;
5) science and culture developed rapidly;
6) illiteracy was eliminated and universal secondary education was introduced;
7) every citizen received a guaranteed right to work and rest, to free education and medical care.

The creation of the USSR was the basis for the achievements that our people are proud of today. Sociological research shows:

1) in first place is the Great Victory in May 1945;
2) in second place is space;
3) in third place are the outstanding achievements of our culture and education.

In the photo: V.I. Lenin makes a speech in front of the Vsevobuch regiments on Red Square. Moscow, May 25, 1919