Engineering center


March 15, 2019 a fire occurred in the department of the PGU (TsSPGU) branch of JSC "Tatenergo" at the Kazan CHP-2. On duty staff ignition was promptly eliminated. Nevertheless, the fire service, JSC "Tatenergo", Kazan CHP-2: the information transmitted to the control center of JSC "Tatenergo" does not correspond to reality. Untimely and incomplete information transmitted to the dispatch center, attraction of the missing information to the authorities of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan, and the EDDS of the city of Kazan did not receive information at all.

In this regard, the management of JSC "Tatenergo" was instructed to conduct a comprehensive test of the performance of the SMES Kazan CHP-1, Kazan CHP-2, Zainskaya GRES, Naberezhnye Chelny CHP and Nizhnekamsk CHP. On May 14, 2019, SMIS performance tests at Kazan CHPP-1, developed by CJSC GOCHS BAZIS, were carried out.

It was checked and transferred to the dispatch center of the facility, EDDS. Kazan, media reports of CHP-1 about the threat of accidents, fires, emergencies, violations of the performance of security systems data, signal systems: - automatic fire alarm; - water extinguishing; - aerosol, gas fire extinguishing; - process control of electrical equipment, heating equipment; - security and alarm signaling; - access control and management. According to the results of tests, there are no comments to the work of SMIS at Kazan CHP-1. Recommendations were made on monitoring the performance of the communication channel between SMIS at Kazan CHP-1 and EDDS. Kazan